Jaxxass Puzzle World

Before I go into further details I would like to explain the story behind my nickname Jaxxass and why I decided to go with this domain name. It all started back then when the movie Jackass was released and since my name is Jack Xatsis (originally from Greece but living in United States) all my friends started calling me Jaxxass and somehow liked it as well. Wherever I played, online or offline my “certified” nickname became Jaxxass so this website was born. Enough with personal bio because the reason why you are here is not to read my boring personal life (which has been a rollercoaster though) but to see what you are looking for, and that is all the resources I’ve been using these past years online for multiple puzzle sites, jigsaws, crosswords, sudokus, brainteasers, riddles and many more.

For all the ones who skipped the first paragraph and want to know what this site is about, Jaxxass.com is your resource for all puzzle-related links. Whether its a crossword clue you can play online or a brainteaser which will keep your brain sharp (which to be honest has shown lately to be rotten) then this is the proper site for you. Kindly bookmark it and let me know what do you think in the comments section (don’t be harsh or I wont approve your comment at all, jk rofl)

Puzzle Related Sites

Here is a list of all the useful links I’ve been collecting all these years. In case one of the links is broken or you would like to add your own link please email me directly at jack [at] jaxxass.com